Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Official!

It's officially National Craft Month.  It's also National Frozen Food Month, National Poetry Month, National Nutrition Month, National Peanut Month and of course National Irish American Month if you didn't know.  And today is "Old Stuff Day".   Apparently someone designated it as a chance to recognize your "same ol' same ol' " rut and shake things up.  I'm at no risk of a rut with my sewing unless it's about doing just one more thing before I take time to enjoy some sewing.  But in the interest of Craft Month and new things, behold the SewCozy!

A coffee cup cozy (on a water glass)

Coffee cozy take two

The second attempt at a coffee cup cozy design with a fun matchy button!

I designed this with an elastic insert so it will fit snugly around different sized cups.  I'm still tweaking it but hope to post some for sale (as well as the pattern for DIY) soon.

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