Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I recently participated in a super-secret crafting mission.  It started off so secretly even I didn't know what I was going to make or for whom I would be making it.  The mystery mission was hosted by Rachael at www.imaginegnats.com (and ten other loverly bloggers).  It went something like this: sign up, get an email with a name/address and hopefully a blog link, stalk blog in a totally non-creepy-purely-professional way, make a gift for said person, mail it, hope they like it.

I was matched with Tabitha from http://www.kluckingbear.blogspot.com/ so I began my research.  She seems to do a lot of journaling and paper crafting, crocheting, takes Halloween to a level Martha would be proud of and wins a lot of on-line give-aways.  All neat info but nothing that gave me that magic AHA moment.  Well the clock started ticking and I knew I couldn't obsess on the 'perfect' idea any longer so I decided to make her this:

I'd just made myself one recently in fabrics that match my craft room and I really wanted to use the last bit of that blue/bird/forest fabric.  I figured if she didn't sew much she could use the pockets and basket for crochet?  I also grant her permission to regift! 

What I haven't mentioned yet is I too was a name/address/blog link sent to someone else so they could make ME a giftie!  Yay!  I'll post pictures of what I got soon!

(And I meant to use the birdie fabric sideways...ok....I totally didn't and my inner perfectionist is woozy just looking at it but I didn't have any more fabric to recut it and do it correctly.  Let's just file it under 'creative license' shall we?)