Monday, March 21, 2011


I made a new pincushion this weekend.  It came out wonky.  Dang.  I'll be fixing it today.  I'll post it later.  Grr!

Here's my fixed pincushion!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last night I sent my fellas out to get me a hot-off-the-presses copy of Jeanette Lim's new felt book Big Little Felt Universe and boy howdy I sure do love it.  I bought my first felt patterns from Jeanette on Etsy and discovered I heart felt!   The book has great pictures followed by full size patterns - no flipping around or enlarging to get right down to creating.  Even if I never make one item from the over 70 in the book (yah 70!) I'm totally inspired and encouraged by her great work.  But with 70 patterns of course I'm going to make stuff!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Open For Business

My Etsy site is all spiffed up and even has items for sale!  Only a few to start but plenty of ideas to keep going!  In the mean time if anything on my blog is of interest feel free to email me and I'll see about putting that at the top of the (looooong) to-do list!  

Oh and something neat is happening tomorrow....


Thursday, March 10, 2011


Creating a pirate room was a lot of fun.  Keeping it cleaned up enough that it looks like a pirate room and not a ship wreck is not as fun.  But at least we can (almost) declare the room done.  I finally got the closet curtains sewn so all that's left is touch up stuff (mostly).  We took the bi-fold doors off when we turned my office into a nursery.  Seems to work well both for maximum closet space access and no pinched little fingers (or big fingers for that matter).

Here's a sample of pirate life...

I got the best match I could to carry the wall waves and sky colors across the closet.  The fabric wasn't great quality but I had to go with the colors.  Then I just kinda winged it.  I seamed the sides to get the right width - of course the two pieces were different widths - then I created 'waves' with the darker blue using Wonder Under.  I ironed the edges and ironed the waves onto the lighter blue then top stitched the wave edges.  Then I had a big long piece that I draped over the rod and with a lot of trial and error, pinned a top rod pocket so that the wave edge matched the wall waves.  I cut and folded and hemmed that up nicely and then hung it up to pin and unpin and pin again to get the bottom hem length.  I did the left panel first and like it better but aside from my being self-critical noticing the things I think are 'wrong' I'm really quite happy with the result.  Now the waves flow nicely (haha "flow") around the entire room.  Ahoy maties!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flower Power

The SewCozy now with flowers and a fun flower button...

Next plan is to spiff up the pattern I use and put it on my Etsy site.  I also have a special order for two pin cushions (like the one in my profile picture) so stop back soon to see how they turn out.

Flower Power

Just a quick update with my flower design version of the FeltCozy. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Official!

It's officially National Craft Month.  It's also National Frozen Food Month, National Poetry Month, National Nutrition Month, National Peanut Month and of course National Irish American Month if you didn't know.  And today is "Old Stuff Day".   Apparently someone designated it as a chance to recognize your "same ol' same ol' " rut and shake things up.  I'm at no risk of a rut with my sewing unless it's about doing just one more thing before I take time to enjoy some sewing.  But in the interest of Craft Month and new things, behold the SewCozy!

A coffee cup cozy (on a water glass)

Coffee cozy take two

The second attempt at a coffee cup cozy design with a fun matchy button!

I designed this with an elastic insert so it will fit snugly around different sized cups.  I'm still tweaking it but hope to post some for sale (as well as the pattern for DIY) soon.