Thursday, March 10, 2011


Creating a pirate room was a lot of fun.  Keeping it cleaned up enough that it looks like a pirate room and not a ship wreck is not as fun.  But at least we can (almost) declare the room done.  I finally got the closet curtains sewn so all that's left is touch up stuff (mostly).  We took the bi-fold doors off when we turned my office into a nursery.  Seems to work well both for maximum closet space access and no pinched little fingers (or big fingers for that matter).

Here's a sample of pirate life...

I got the best match I could to carry the wall waves and sky colors across the closet.  The fabric wasn't great quality but I had to go with the colors.  Then I just kinda winged it.  I seamed the sides to get the right width - of course the two pieces were different widths - then I created 'waves' with the darker blue using Wonder Under.  I ironed the edges and ironed the waves onto the lighter blue then top stitched the wave edges.  Then I had a big long piece that I draped over the rod and with a lot of trial and error, pinned a top rod pocket so that the wave edge matched the wall waves.  I cut and folded and hemmed that up nicely and then hung it up to pin and unpin and pin again to get the bottom hem length.  I did the left panel first and like it better but aside from my being self-critical noticing the things I think are 'wrong' I'm really quite happy with the result.  Now the waves flow nicely (haha "flow") around the entire room.  Ahoy maties!


  1. Wow, that pirate room is great. I wish I had a bedroom lime this as a kid. :-)

  2. Thanks :-) I was glad to read on your site that you and your friends in Japan are safe. Prayers for your country!


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