Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Hodge Podge of Mod Podge

I do think Mod Podge (often mispronounced Modge Podge) is a pretty cool product. I have discovered, however, that it challenges my inner perfectionist. I can't seem to force it to be perfect and it doesn't give me a "do-over" like I get with a stitch. Anyhow, I have friends who are mad-about-Mod-Podge and I DO like so many of the things made with it, so I've been dabbling. This past Thanksgiving I threw together a wooden sign with a scrap piece of plywood I found in the yard. Really, I just kinda took scrapbook paper and winged it. Here's what I ended up with...

Once it was up on the wall and I couldn't inspect it so closely I came to like it.

I also made a family sign for my sister for a Christmas gift; the top board has hooks on the bottom to hang a seasonal plaque below.  Here's the one I did for 'summer'. 

Winter was four penguins, spring was four bunnies and fall was four pumpkins so there is a family 'picture' to change with each of the New England season changes.

The other Mod Podge project I did is my favorite of the bunch.  I followed this Paint Stick Ornament tutorial that looked like a fun little giftie/decoration idea and added some embellishments of my own.

It's important to always have teeny tiny jungle bells on hand!

So there's a sampling of my Mod Podging.  I'm thinking about birthday countdown cubes next....well after I cross off some house projects, and cleaning projects, and sewing projects...<sigh> the list never ends!

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