Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall In The Bathroom

We've been caught up in Halloween around our house, but today I took a few minutes (seriously, like 5 mins) to bring back a favorite from last year.  It's quick and easy and cheap...even cheaper this year since I just rebuilt with the same materials from last season.

Here's all you need to make fall toilet paper cozies of your own...

  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Plastic bag
  • Fat quarter or similar sized piece of fabric
  • Piece of a stick (or brown paper)
  • Ribbon

Start by laying out your fabric wrong side up and set your TP roll in the center.

Loosely roll the plastic bag lengthwise and wrap it around the middle of your TP roll.  The bag will add some 'body' to your finished pumpkin shape.

Starting with the short sides (if your fabric is not a square) pull the edges up to the top of the TP roll and stuff into the center tube.  Next take a corner of the fabric and pull it up and stuff it into the tube.  Continue pulling the fabric up and tucking it in adjusting to create 'pleats' along the sides.

Once you've wrapped the paper roll you should have a pumpkiny shape.

Now all you need is a stem.  I used a  piece of a stick but a piece of paper rolled up would certainly be a fine substitute.  Add a coordinating ribbon and you have pretty fall TP storage for your powder room!

I made a set of three for a counter display.  Seasonal and sensible storage!
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