Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

OK, famous last words? Well I shall try my best to get my sew on and blog like the wind this year. As a start, here are pictures of all the nifty Christmas gifts I made for my family - and most weren't even made from felt.

First up, a set a linen dish towels for my mother-in-law. I got pretty fabric tape from an Etsy seller in China.

I really liked making this baker's apron for my Dad. It came together well for my first try at such a thing. Modeled by it's new owner and famous maker of "Daddy's Bread".

Here we have the water-proof lunch sacks I made for my sister. I didn't really have a pattern but they seem like they'll work :-)

I also made my sister a snugglie fleece Red Sox blanket (despite living in a Yankee fan zone).

Next up is a felt pin cushion for my Dad's wife. It's filled with crushed walnut shells so it sits nicely and sharpens the needles poked into it. I made the pins with some Swarovski crystals.

After trying my hand at pillow cases for Conkerr Cancer, I've begun making them for gifts now. This one is a super soft Hello Kitty model for my niece. Hello Kitty fabric is really difficult to find so I imported it from the Etsy seller in China.

And my favorite of all (if I were to pick just one) is this groovy Hello Kitty headband also for my niece. I needle felted in the eyes and nose and the rest is wool blend felt and thread. The bead on the bow is a pretty Swarovski crystal.

I really had a great time creating all these things so I'm looking forward to a busy creative 2011! Happy New Year!


  1. This is great! What a super fantastic job you did! Maddie came in when I was looking at this and loved the Hello Kitty stuff!!!! You are so talented... and patient! :)

  2. Great job Wendi! We love all of our handcrafted gifts. Caroline is taking good care of her Hello Kitty items and LOVES them. I am enjoying the blanket a lot and it is really, really warm! I look forward to packing my lunch in my new bag. It looks like it will be very easy to clean. Thanks sis!!!

  3. Everything is so beautiful Wendi! You can tell it's made with love, and that's most important!


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