Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh La La! Fa La La La Felt

Today's most excellent blog post on "
The Bus" highlighted super-great work from Cathy at The Daily Pincushion. And The Daily Pincushion is more than a clever name, I think, because I love them so much I would be thrilled to have a different one for each day!

Here's a mini pin cushion I'd use on Mondays:

and this one on Tuesdays...

and I think I'd use this fancy one on weekends and holidays...

Take a peek at her Etsy site and pick out your own week of daily cushions!

But wait...there's more!

I was also tipped off to the eBook "FaLaLaLa Felt" which includes patterns from Cathy. I immediately clicked over to download my own copy! It's packed fuller than Santa's sleigh with patterns and ideas for Christmas felt projects. Grab your very own copy
here...only 339 sewing days til Christmas!

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