Saturday, January 23, 2010

Looky Here!

I took a (horrendous!) trip to Barnes&Noble this afternoon to get a little light for my nook (that's right I have a nook!) and I took a spin through the magazine section. Though I didn't really expect to, I found that they carry Stuffed Magazine! Despite the naughty sounding name, it was pretty neat with lots of fun pictures and comments and hints from the crafters. I hesitated at the $14.99 price tag for a magazine but flipping through the pages I found a web address for a
$9.99 digital 'copy' of the Winter '09 edition. I don't mind being a season behind and I really like that the digital version has pages that turn, the ability to zoom in and out of each page AND has live links to each artist's blog or web site. SOLD!

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